Twelve gadgets for the road

Don't forget the tech when you make your summer trek. Fortune's gallivanting gadget guru Peter Lewis picks a carload of the best new travel gear, from a lightweight laptop to iPod accessories.

By Peter H. Lewis, Fortune senior editor

(Fortune Magazine) -- A century ago, high-tech travel meant a horseless carriage or steamship and a postcard that arrived home long after the traveler did.

These days - with regularly scheduled tourist rocket flights into space scheduled to begin by the end of the decade - technology is a constant travel companion.

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A laptop computer connects to the Internet to communicate via e-mail and instant messaging with friends and loved ones. It finds hotel and restaurant recommendations and makes reservations. It stores digital photos and posts them, along with your travelogue musings, to your personal blog for all to see.

But beyond PCs, we've found a gaggle of gadgets guaranteed to make your road trip more fun. See our picksTop of page