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Wine splurges and steals
Six wines chosen by chef Mario Batali, from $15 to $775.
By Eugenia Levenson, Fortune reporter

NEW YORK (Fortune) -- Why is it that wine has a singular ability to reduce otherwise worldly men and women to insecure, stuttering naifs - or worse, swaggering poseurs? It's mystifying, frankly.

But as master chef and restaurateur Mario Batali puts it, "wine doesn't have to come out all dusty and musty from some corkdork's cellar to be good."

Click on the bottle to see Batali's picks.

We asked Batali (who's also co-owner of Italian Wine Merchants in New York City) to recommend the best vino Italiano for every budget. Not surprisingly, Batali couldn't resist offering pairing suggestions as well.

You can find local stores that stock his wine picks at And the pairings? Unless papardelle with wild boar is part of your cooking repertoire, your best bet might be reservations at Babbo's.

See Mario Batali's picks, from $15 to $775.

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