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January 23 2008: 12:15 PM EST
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Captain's Blog, Stardate: 1/23/08

The rest of the world feels shut out and wants America to fix the global economy, reports Andy Serwer.

By Andy Serwer, managing editor

DAVOS, SWITZERLAND (Fortune) -- DAVOS: Given worldwide financial jitters, I think the sense of urgency at Davos is palpable. If there was ever a need to have an intelligent truly global debate, it is now. The issues here are pressing and real-time. Attendees from outside the U.S. are feeling penalized, and there is real concern that the U.S. doesn't have the leadership to respond properly, and that that response may become overly political given the ongoing campaign.

Will protectionism and xenophobia rule the day?

Also there is a real sense that the G8 needs to be expanded. When the G8 meets now it decides the economic fate of the world without input from China, India, Brazil, the Persian Gulf, or Latin America. Is it a coincidence that these countries who have no seat at the table are blamed for the world's woes? A good question! To top of page