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How they'll fix the economy

Fortune sat down with John McCain and Barack Obama to see how their answers compare on a few key questions.

Last Updated: July 28, 2008: 5:24 PM EDT

(Fortune Magazine) -- When they launched their bids for the presidency, the economy had not yet emerged as America's issue No. 1. So John McCain and Barack Obama have put together their plans for fixing it while on the campaign trail, in fits and starts, with dramatic differences emerging.

Fortune writers sat down with the candidates (Nina Easton with Obama and David Whitford with McCain) to see how their answers compared on a few essential questions.

Full coverage:

John McCain's economic evolution

Reporter's Notes: McCain-onomics Editor at large David Whitford spent a week on the campaign trail with John McCain. Here he talks about the candidate's biggest challenges. (Video)

What Obama means for business

Reporter's Notes: Obama-nomics Fortune's Washington editor Nina Easton talks about her interview with the presumptive Democratic nominee. (Video)

McCain's economic gurus: From ex-Senators to CEOs, McCain has tapped a wide range of advisers to bring him up to speed on the economy.

Obama's business brain trust: From Omaha to Boston, the candidate reaches out to a diverse collection of economic thinkers.

The candidates: On the record

The Fortune interview with Obama: Edited transcript

The Fortune interview with McCain: Edited transcript To top of page