10 green giants

These companies have gone beyond what the law requires to operate in an environmentally responsible way.

Continental Airlines
By washing the interior of this jet engine, Continental workers make flight more efficient.
Continental Airlines
Location: Houston
Year founded: 1934
Revenue: $13.1 Billion
Employees: 44,000
Worked with Boeing to engineer more fuel-efficient aircraft.

AMID RISING concern about aviation pollution, British Airways introduced a "CO2 emission calculator" on its website, letting passengers pay to offset the carbon dioxide generated by their flights. Lufthansa recently equipped an Airbus A340 with a 1.5-ton mobile laboratory to track gases and compounds. But it is American airline Continental that's gone furthest to green operations. Besides spending more than $16 billion over the past ten years to replace its fleet with more efficient aircraft, it installed fuel-saving winglets that reduce emissions by up to 5% on most of its Boeing 737s and 757s, and reduced the nitrogen oxide output from ground equipment at its Houston hub by over 75% since 2000. Its 13 full-time staff environmentalists work with engine manufacturers, design green terminals, and track carbon emissions and chemical recycling daily. Even all the trash from company headquarters is later sorted for recyclables. --Barney Gimbel







S.C. Johnson

Goldman Sachs

Swiss Re

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