20 most profitable companies

Exxon Mobil was the most profitable company last year by far, raking in $39.5 billion in earnings. Who else made the top 20?

3. Citigroup
Profits fell by 12% to $21.5 billion at the banking giant in 2006. But it still ranks as the third most profitable company on the list. In the face of dwindling earnings, it's not surprising there have been changes: CEO Chuck Prince brought in a new COO, Robert Druskin, while CFO Sallie Krawcheck moved to the global wealth management unit. Layoffs of 17,000 were announced in April.

Exxon Mobil



Bank Of America

General Electric




J.P. Morgan Chase

American Intl. Group


Altria Group

Wal-Mart Stores

Johnson & Johnson

Berkshire Hathaway

Goldman Sachs Group


Procter & Gamble

Wells Fargo

Owens Corning
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