Fortune 500 Women CEOs

Newly appointed WellPoint CEO Angela Braly will be the only woman to run a Fortune 50 company. See other women who are already heading up Fortune 500s.

Patricia F. Russo
Patricia F. Russo
Title: CEO
Company: Lucent*
Age: 53
Compensation: $4.75 million (2005)
Corporate recovery might become Patricia Russo's specialty, if it isn't already. In the late nineties she helped AT&T turn around its failing business-systems division, which eventually became part of Lucent. And after a quick stop at troubled Kodak in 2001, she returned the following year to revive Lucent. After two years of first aid, which included slashing jobs and streamlining costs, Lucent returned to profitability in 2004. Now the newly merged Alcatel-Lucent has hit a bump - the share price is down and the company issued a profit warning - so she still may have her work cut out for her.
* In December 2006 Lucent merged with Alcatel forming Alcatel-Lucent. Russo retains the title of CEO with the new company.













Compensation figures include salary, bonus, deferred compensation, non-equity incentive plan, pension and exercised options according to most recent data available. Figures are for 2006, unless otherwise noted.
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