Best big companies to work for

See the 37 companies that made both the Fortune 1000 and Best Companies to Work For lists this year.

Fortune 500: The Top 50 Wal-Mart retakes the No. 1 slot on the Fortune 500 this year. See where America's largest corporations rank, and why. (more)
What do you think? Have you worked for any of the best big companies to work for? Do you prefer to work for a corporate giant or a small firm? Tell us what you think. (more)
Fortune 500 Women CEOs These female execs are heading up top companies like Avon, eBay and ADM. (more)
Top performing stocks of 2006 These 20 stocks produced the largest total returns to shareholders in 2006. For this list, we included only Fortune 500 companies that traded for over $2. (more)