24 Top innovators

Call them innovators, entrepreneurs, or good old-fashioned trouble-makers. These 24 disrupters have gone up against the odds as they've rattled old industries and tried to create new ones.

Dan Olschwang
Dan Olschwang
If the mobile phone is the new PC, is JumpTap the new Google? The two-year-old company, based in Cambridge, Mass., has developed a search engine and search-advertising platform complete with keyword auctions - sound familiar? - specifically designed for cellphones. Google and Yahoo are going mobile too, of course, but JumpTap, which has raised $46 million in VC funding, has one edge over the search giants: It lets phone companies slap their own logos on the search engine. Allow your customers to look like "the next Google" - good plan. --S.M.

Mark Gorton

Glueckman and Kantor

Hjalmar Winbladh

Craig Venter

Sunil Shaunak

Diane Greene

Nick Grouf

Caleb Chung

Stoppelman and Simmons

Glenn Kelman

Dan Olschwang

David Della Terza

Jack Memishian

Martin Eberhard

Vinod Khosla
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