24 Top innovators

Call them innovators, entrepreneurs, or good old-fashioned trouble-makers. These 24 disrupters have gone up against the odds as they've rattled old industries and tried to create new ones.

Sunil Shaunak
Sunil Shaunak
Professor of infectious diseases, London University's Imperial College; PolyTherics
Sunil Shaunak is out to prove that academics can develop medicines for a fraction of what Big Pharma spends. His model is simple: Concoct a compound that resembles a patented drug, keeping it different enough to avoid legal problems. Then fund a startup with philanthropic grants, replacing every stage of traditional drugmaking with outsourced alternatives. His small biotech, PolyTherics, created a new hepatitis C medicine, which will undergo final testing this year. If it works, poor nations will have a hep C injection that costs $3 a pop rather than the current $200. --J.S.

Mark Gorton

Glueckman and Kantor

Hjalmar Winbladh

Craig Venter

Sunil Shaunak

Diane Greene

Nick Grouf

Caleb Chung

Stoppelman and Simmons

Glenn Kelman

Dan Olschwang

David Della Terza

Jack Memishian

Martin Eberhard

Vinod Khosla
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