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How to jump the line to get your passport in one day, get a hotel room when none are available, and more on-the-road tricks from Fortune's Barney Gimbel.

Never check bags again
Never check bags again
Baggage hassles can be the cherry on a sundae of a bad business trip. So why not skip them? For those who don't mind paying for the convenience, a handful of companies will pick up and deliver your bags to domestic and international destinations.

A last-minute trip to Las Vegas seemed the perfect opportunity to test two of them. Luggage Free (luggagefree.com) sent a messenger to my office and picked up my 40-pound bag on time for $135. (It shipped it DHL.)
Sports Express (sportsexpress.com), just sent a FedEx pickup guy, e-mailed me an airbill, and charged me 17 percent more than if I had done it myself ($197, vs. $168).

Where it made a difference was on my return, because arranging for the hotel to ship my bags - or even leave them for FedEx - proved a headache. Luggage Free simply picked them up right from the bell desk.

Faster passports

Help! My city is sold out

First-class for Pesos

Never check bags again
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