Four top vintage cars at auction

Every summer, the best vintage cars in the world are auctioned off at Pebble Beach, and Fortune has put together a scouting report for this year's show. Whether you're buying or just gawking, these cars will have your heart racing.

1957 Ferrari 410 Superamerica Speciale
1957 Ferrari 410 Superamerica Speciale
Estimate: $900,000 to $1.2 million

Auctioneer: Gooding & Co.

Auction Dates: Aug. 18 and 19, 2007

Thanks to Ferrari addict and showbiz director-producer Greg Garrison (The Milton Berle Show, The Dean Martin Show, and so on), this one-off -- a particularly wild Prancing Horse -- survives today. Garrison spent several years meticulously restoring it.

Provenance: Completed in 1957 for Enrico Wax, an Italian liquor mogul, this 410 came to the U.S. in 1960 and was stolen sometime thereafter. The thief dumped the car's bodywork in a lake in Oregon and sold the chassis, engine, transmission, and rear axle to a farmer as spare tractor parts.

Body: The only 410 designed by the legendary Sergio Scaglietti, this Superamerica has unique stainless-steel side vents, rims, and engine-turned roof and fins (not typical design cues from the Italian master!). The rest of its curvaceous form is made of aluminum.

Restoration: Garrison tracked down the 410's remains in the mid-1980s and shipped them immediately to Italy. Four workers who had built the original body were called out of retirement to reconstruct it from photos. Garrison tirelessly oversaw every detail.

Second Life: Four weeks after returning from its makeover in Italy, the 410 Speciale won Best in Class at Pebble Beach. After that, according to Garrison's son Michael, the car was put away and only turned over a few times a year--never driven. "My father always told me, 'You drive today's technology, not yesterday's,'" says Michael.


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