Fortune 40: Stock picks to retire on

Forty stock picks inspired by the greatest investors of all-time: From the deepest values to solid growth, these shares can make retirement dreams come true.

HPC: The numbers
Market Cap $2.1 billion
Total Return YTD (June 11) -8.3%
Total Return Last 12 Months 17.4%
Earnings Growth (Next Five Years) 10.0%
P/E (Pasts 12 months) 13.6
P/E (Next Year's Estimate) 10.6
Dividend Yield 0.0%
Source: Baseline, as of June 11, 2007.
Small Wonders
Formerly the nation's largest explosives producer, this century-old firm now uses its muscle to produce specialty chemicals to strengthen products such as paper, paint, and textiles. The products are obscure - wet-strength resins and sizing for the paper industry, natural gums for the food industry, and non-woven fibers and textile yarns for use in diaper products and upholstery.

But they're crucial components for key goods in developed and developing countries alike. And with nearly 40 production facilities dispersed across the globe, Hercules should benefit as global economies expand.
Abbott Labs Johnson & Johnson Coca-Cola Altria Group Colgate General Mills Procter & Gamble Wyeth Accenture AIG Chubb ConocoPhillips McKesson 3M Microsoft United Health Pfizer Aetna Applied Industrial Carpenter Technology Loews Lufkin Tidewater VF Corp. Grey Wolf CSG Systems Hercules K-Swiss Navigant Consulting Park Electrochemical Penn Virginia Plexus UBS Diageo Novartis Petroleo Brasileiro Sanofi-Aventis Total Unilever Vodafone
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