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A stunning 37 of this year's fast-growers come from the energy sector, and metals companies make a strong showing, too, thanks to high commodities prices. Meanwhile, other seemingly fleeting trends - like energy drinks - proved to have surprising staying power. We evaluate each company based on three years of revenue and profit growth as well as total return.

Titanium Metals <span class='quoteLink'>(<a href='/quote/quote.html?symb=TIE'>TIE</a>)</span>
5. Titanium Metals (TIE)
Dallas, TX

Earnings-per-share growth*: 151%
Revenue growth*: 48%
Total return*: 140%

Metal producer saw big demand for strong, light alloys for Rolls-Royce's jet engines.

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*3-year annual rate
Source: Zacks Investment Research


Hansen Natural

Arena Resources

Intuitive Surgical

Titanium Metals


RTI International Metals

Dynamic Materials

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Global Industries

Frontier Oil

Allegheny Technologies


VASCO Data Security International



SEACOR Holdings

Pioneer Drilling

McMoRan Copper & Gold

Kansas City Southern


Grey Wolf

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions

XTO Energy

Grant Prideco
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