6 CEOs-to-be

These executives, all on this year's list, are clearly capable of leading a major company someday.

Ellen Kullman
Ellen Kullman
EVP, Safety & Protection, Coatings & Color Technologies, Marketing & Sales, Safety & Sustainability, Pharmaceuticals, and Risk Management, DuPont

Nine years ago Kullman was running DuPont's $2 billion titanium technologies unit when CEO Chad Holliday asked her to create a new safety products division. Kullman, 51, agreed, though she knew safety was a risky proposition. "I left a large, powerful job to start something with no assets and 30 people," she recalls. "Half the people thought I had done something very wrong. The other half thought I was just nuts." But it worked out: That startup evolved into a $5.5 billion business. The moral of the story? "Continue to reinvent."

Zoe Cruz

Susan Arnold

Ellen Kullman

Amy Brinkley

Carrie Cox

Liz Smith
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