Stars of Fox Biz

Nintendo addicts and neocons, rejoice. The on-air talent of this new business channel are just like you.

Rebecca Gomez
Rebecca Gomez
Most recent gig: Business correspondent at Fox News doing daily market updates and appearances over the weekend during the Fox business program "The Cost of Freedom."

Fun fact: Watchers of Lifetime might just recognize Gomez from her onetime anchor and reporting duties at the women's cable channel.

David Asman

Rebecca Gomez

Nicole Petallides

Dagen McDowell

Cody Willard
Fresh from snapping up the Wall Street Journal, Rupert Murdoch sees FBN as the first step in his strategy to dominate global financial journalism. (more) is one of the few newspaper Web sites that charges for content. But, argues Fortune's Richard Siklos, there's no reason it needs to stay that way, especially with a sly new owner. (more)