How to juice your iPod

Has your iPod become the repository of all the music you really care about? Maybe it's time to retire the white earbuds and squeeze some big sound out of that little box.

ROTH MUSIC COCOON MC4 ($750): Mixing vacuum tubes with an iPod is so retro, but purists swear by the warm sound. Speakers not included.
Step 2: Home stereo
To connect iPod to stereo, scrap the Radio Shack mini-to-RCA cable, and get a dock. The standard Apple dock is good, and will deliver clean audio and superior video while also charging the iPod, but third-party units come with more features: advanced remotes, sound amplification, and even Wi-Fi connectivity.

The best way to play your iPod in the car: Aftermarket devices allow iPods to play through your tape deck or via an FM radio (e.g. the popular Griffin iTrip), but for quality sound you need an iPod-ready car or stereo system. Look for an "aux" input or 30-pin dock.




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