How to juice your iPod

Has your iPod become the repository of all the music you really care about? Maybe it's time to retire the white earbuds and squeeze some big sound out of that little box.

SHURE SE310 ($250): Shure's ear canal phones come with adjustable tips and offer impressive isolation from external noise.
The most cost-effective way to get more from your 'Pod may be to treat yourself to some better earphones. You'll hear the difference with a $50 pair, but you can spend as much as $1,000. Top-shelf phones often require more power, however, so you may need a separate headphone amp to get your money's worth.

Are noise-canceling headphones worth the cost? Perhaps. Around-the-ear models with antinoise technology work well to dampen steady noises like airplane drone. But "in ear canal" phones - like the Shure model, right - can be nearly twice as effective and require less power to deliver high fidelity. They do take some getting used to, however, so if you can, try them on before you buy.




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