5 hot fashion trends for '08

Forecasting firm Tobe is the oracle of the retail world, its January trend report one of the industry's most closely-watched forecasts. Here's a sneak peek at Tobe's five picks for the coming year.

Tomorrow's hangouts
No longer is it enough to stock the latest shirts, dresses and handbags. Up and coming retailers are adding lounges, nail salons and bookshops to their stores in the hopes of luring customers and getting them to stay longer.

Metropark, a City of Industry, Calif.-based chain with 18 stores nationwide, aims to be part club part street boutique. DJs spin records at its stores, which sell hip fashions, off-beat art work and music. SoHo boutique Lounge also has a DJ booth as well as a spa. Deegie's Carma, the brainchild of a former Nordstrom executive, is set to open its first store in Kansas City in March. In addition to racks of trendy, teen worthy clothing, there will be a lounge as well as a hair and nail salon.





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