9 things you didn't know about Google

Sure, the talent is amazing, the pay is great and the cafeteria is legendary. But what about the pranks and Google air? Photographs by Darcy Padilla/Redux for Fortune.com.

Google's Fools!

Don't believe everything you find on Google - at least not till you check the calendar. It's a company tradition to design elaborate pranks to play on its users and potential employees every April 1st. Past gags include a job listing for engineering positions on the moon and a fictitious product, the brain-boosting energy drink Google Gulp (flavors included "Beta Carroty" and "Glutamate Grape"). But the jokes backfired when, on April 1, 2004, Google launched Gmail and many readers thought it was another April Fool's hoax.
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Movie nights



Clean air

April Fool's


Grand entrances

Free food
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