10 fascinating Googlers

From puzzle champions and Olympic cyclists to former bullfight promoters and Everest climbers, meet the people who help make the Googleplex such a colorful place to work.

Joe Kraus
Joe Kraus
Director of Product Management

Joe Kraus, is a serial entrepreneur who has built two financially successful startups in 13 years - first the Internet portal, Excite, and then the Web 2.0 company JotSpot, which develops software for online collaboration. After Google acquired JotSpot in 2006, execs tapped Kraus, 36, to lead OpenSocial, a set of standards for social networking sites. He modeled the team after - what else? - a Silicon Valley startup. "Truthfully speaking, it all feels very entrepreneurial," he says. "One day you go home feeling things are going terribly. The next day, things are awesome. And nothing has actually changed."
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Larry Brilliant

Andy Rubin

Andrew "Max" Maxwell

Dylan Casey

Joe Kraus

Wei-Hwa Huang

Marcus Mitchell

Shaluinn Fullove

Christophe Bisciglia

Dora Hsu
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