Ten of the world's finest shotguns

A fine shotgun combines beauty, ergonomics and durability into one elegant steel and walnut package that will last for generations. These are the highlights from Griffin & Howe, one of the nation's leading dealers in fine guns.

<b>Perazzi SCO Sporting</b>
3. Perazzi SCO Sporting
Perazzi's earned public notoriety recently as Vice President Cheney's gun of choice for quail and attorneys. Shotgun aficionados, however, have long known these wonderfully sleek Italian guns as winners of countless target shooting titles.

Perazzis debuted in the early 60s, and ever since they've been among the top guns of international competitors. This beautifully engraved SCO model is made for Sporting Clays.

Price: $25,000
Gauge: 12
Last updated January 24 2008: 1:07 PM ET


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