Ten of the world's finest shotguns

A fine shotgun combines beauty, ergonomics and durability into one elegant steel and walnut package that will last for generations. These are the highlights from Griffin & Howe, one of the nation's leading dealers in fine guns.

 <b>Fabbri Over-Under</b>
7. Fabbri Over-Under
Think of Italy's Fabbris as the Lamborghinis of shotguns -- stunning blends of beauty and performance at a "if you have to ask, you can't afford it" price. Fabbri makes just a handful of guns a year for such luminaries as Steven Spielberg, Tom Selleck and King Juan Carlos of Spain, among others.

The swirling brown and blue patterns on the steel of this gun are the result of case coloring, a process in which the metal parts are hardened by heating them in a steel box with charcoal, bone and leather.

Price: $82,500
Gauge: 12
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