The face of philanthropy

The world of giving is filled with well-meaning and talented individuals from every background. These influential altruists are making their mark on philanthropy.

The developers
Photographed at Tom's Restaurant, New York City
The developers
Jeff Flug and Jeffrey Sachs, Millennium Promise
After working for nearly two decades at Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan Chase, Jeff Flug realized his life was missing something. Then he met economist Jeffrey Sachs, who was looking for a CEO to help him reach the UN's Millennium Development Goals, a set of challenges aimed at reducing global poverty by the year 2015. Since joining forces, the two have raised more than $100 million from donors like George Soros - who recently pledged $50 - and are partnering with companies like GE, Novartis, and Ericsson to lift 80 African villages out of extreme poverty. Says Flug: "Now you see why I can't go back to selling high-yield bonds."

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Larry Brilliant

Jeff Flug and Jeffrey Sachs

Michael J. Fox

Jacqueline Novogratz

Pierre Omidyar and Matt Bannick

Laysha Ward

John Demsey

J.D. Hoye and Sandy Weill
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