An international affair

Behind the scenes with a new gadget that's a real globetrotter. Photographs by David Yellen.

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It takes an entire planet to build a mobile device. And we're not just talking about metals mined in Africa or electronic components from Asia. Nokia's new N810, a sleek "Internet appliance" with a touchscreen, videocamera, and slide-out keyboard, is a prime example of how teams from around the globe come together to build a thoroughly modern gadget.

The world's largest cellphone maker called upon in-house tech experts in California to help with software development and its own hip designers in London to give it a contemporary but usable feel. The home team in Finland conceived the phone and then put it all together after it had made its stops around the world.

Nokia has made a practice of seeking innovation worldwide, searching far beyond its borders for fresh ideas - and great talent.
Last updated May 19 2008: 2:47 PM ET