Life After Work

They've given up the daily grind, but that doesn't mean they're retired. Meet seven boomers who have staged enviable second acts - on their own terms.

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The Executive Matchmaker
The Executive Matchmaker
Janis in her Bridgehampton backyard, with married couple Susan and Tom Ferrara, and her dog Disco
Janis Spindel
New York

Ever wonder where that CEO - maybe no longer young, perhaps far from handsome, but richer than God - met the gorgeous, brainy young woman he married? If her client list weren't strictly confidential, Janis Spindel could probably tell you. Spindel, 51, built her first career as a manufacturers' rep for three sportswear makers and then as the owner of nine Mommy & Me stores. "But I've been an amateur matchmaker all my life," she says. "I get these flashes of intuition."

Still, she didn't think of turning professional until "14 friends I fixed up on blind dates all married those dates in the same year. I turned to my husband and said, 'A business is born.' " Spindel's company, Serious Matchmaking (, has only male clients, who pay her $50,000 (plus expenses and a marriage bonus) to find them a wife. She maintains a database of about 12,000 women at any given time and says she meets with 80 to 150 more every day - "sometimes in groups of eight or 12" - who want in. So far Spindel, who has been married for 25 years and has two daughters, claims credit for more than 1,000 "long-term committed relationships," 800 marriages, and zero divorces.
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