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Tackling Issue #1
Tackling Issue #1
When they launched their bids for the presidency, the economy had not yet emerged as America's issue No. 1. So John McCain and Barack Obama have put together their plans for fixing it while on the campaign trail, in fits and starts, with dramatic differences emerging.

Fortune writers sat down with the candidates (Nina Easton with Obama and David Whitford with McCain) to see how their answers compared on a few essential questions. The questions that follow are paraphrases of the originals, and the answers are edited excerpts.

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Last updated June 25 2008: 12:02 PM ET
He slammed big companies and free trade in the primaries, but Barack Obama insists he just wants to show corporate America some tough love. (more)
As a maverick Senator, he took pride in just saying no to everyone's wish list. But as a presidential contender, he's become a tax cutter and defender of home mortgages. (more)