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Jamie Dimon, CEO and chairman, JP Morgan Chase
Jamie Dimon, CEO and chairman, JP Morgan Chase
After guiding his company through the financial crisis, Dimon, who Obama has consulted with in recent months, could give the candidate some serious industry credibility as a cabinet member. The CEO is no stranger to Washington after working with Hank Paulson on the Bear Stearns takeover and financial bailout; some are even throwing Dimon's name into the ring for the next Treasury Secretary.

Dimon, who has contributed to both parties, was a Hillary Clinton supporter during the primaries. While many of Obama's advisors have circled around the candidate's call for a stimulus, Dimon has cautioned against overspending on the program. He supports a fiscal policy that reduces taxes by implementing direct cuts in targeted areas, but wants to trim deficit spending in the future.

The CEO, who made $28.9 million last year, has said that tax cuts should go to lower paid citizens, not the wealthy.

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