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Ticker: BP
Market cap (billions): $220.9
P/E ratio*: 9
Earnings growth**: 13%
Dividend yield: 4.7%

The British energy giant is spending a lot of money to explore its natural oil reserves, in order to ensure production of at least 4 million barrels per day out to 2020.

While this may cost BP in the short term, analysts seem to think the investment is worth it. Given the ever-increasing global demand for oil and natural gas - and a low price-to-earnings ratio of nine times this year's estimates - BP seems like a safe way to play the continuing energy boom. Plus, the company is among the most committed of big oil firms to developing alternative energies, which could give BP a leg up in this emerging field.

Last updated June 20 2008: 2:35 PM ET
Criteria include low price/earnings and price/book ratios relative to competitors, rising profit margins, and accelerating earnings growth.
*Based on previous 12-months' reported earnings. **Wall Street estimates for the next three years.
Source: Zacks Investment Research
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