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Jerry Yang, Yahoo
Jerry Yang, Yahoo
Deal breaker? Yang beat back an unsolicited takeover bid from Microsoft, but he has been less successful in competing with Google and retaining key talent.
Why he's miserable: Yang managed to elude Microsoft's unsolicited takeover attempt earlier this year, but his apparent resistance to doing a deal enraged shareholders who doubt the company can deliver on plans to boost earnings growth or the stock price.

Why others are miserable: Yahoo stock is down more than 20% since Yang reassumed the CEO slot in the summer of 2007, and it's more than 30% below Microsoft's initial $44.6 billion takeover offer.

What he makes: $1. No one can say Yang, a co-founder of Yahoo, is overpaid or lacks a stake in the company: He owns 54 million shares, according to the company's 2007 annual report, which makes him a billionaire even at today's reduced prices.

What shareholders have lost: $10 billion (26%)

Misery Index: 26

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