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Kerry Killinger, Washington Mutual
Kerry Killinger, Washington Mutual
Paying his dues: In posting a $3.3 billion second-quarter loss, WaMu said Killinger won't get an incentive bonus for 2008.
Why he's miserable: WaMu has posted three straight quarterly losses. A mid-decade push into the murkier corners of the mortgage market has forced the bank to add $12 billion to loan-loss reserves over a year.

Why others are miserable: An April sale of stock to private equity investors led by TPG cut existing shareholders' stake in half. The stock has dropped by two-thirds since then, raising fears that another dilutive capital-raising is on the way.

What he makes: $5.2 million

What shareholders have lost: $27 billion (87%)

Misery index: 92

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Last updated August 05 2008: 8:58 AM ET
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