A cruel September for 5 bank CEOs

A slew of corporate chiefs hung up their hats - or found themselves no longer calling all the shots - after the recent market turmoil.

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Alan Fishman
Alan Fishman
Company: Washington Mutual
Lasted: 18 days

The award for briefest tenure goes to Fishman, who took the helm at WaMu in early September as the bank's credit rating spiraled downward thanks to a portfolio of bad mortgage loans. Two and a half weeks later, the government seized WaMu, the nation's largest savings and loan, and sold it to JPMorgan Chase for cheap. Fishman, the former president of Sovereign Bank, snapped up a $7.5 million signing bonus, but will decline any severance, according to a spokesperson.
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Last updated October 03 2008: 11:14 AM ET
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