Cashing in on Palin-mania

Businesses are milking Sarah Palin fever. Even when the connection is strictly by chance, products that evoke the Republican vice-presidential candidate are getting some serious attention.

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Wigs - for pooch and for you
Wigs - for pooch and for you
Expect to see Palin look-alikes galore this Halloween. Wiggles Dog Wigs earlier this month started selling Palin-style wigs for canines after a customer request. So far owner Ruth Regina says she's sold about 150 of the wigs, which start at $39 - making it a top seller. Meanwhile, owner of Miami Beach-based, Joseph Aronesty, said strong sales of $25 "Sarah Palin style wigs" indicate she'll be the hit character of the season. Four wigs that Aronesty re-branded after the Alaskan governor now make up about 25% of his weekly sales, and customers are buying approximately 10 times as many of those pieces as they did before Palin hit the national scene. And depending on the outcome of the election, the now instantly recognizable coif won't disappear after Oct. 31. "If they win, we have four years of Sarah Palin wigs," he said.
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Last updated October 22 2008: 7:41 AM ET
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