'08 stock picks: How low can they go?

We revisited our top 10 picks from last year's Investor's Guide. Hopefully history will prove us right in the long run.

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A look back
A look back
We were overdue.

For three consecutive years, the top stock picks in the Fortune Investor's Guide had trounced the Standard & Poor's 500, and we felt good about our chances for a four-peat heading into 2008

It was not to be. Through December 17th, our 10 "Best stocks for 2008" recorded an average total return of -36% versus -37% for the S&P 500. Not only did we underestimate the depth of the financial crisis but we were blindsided by the collapse in oil prices.

Here's a complete rundown on all 10 of picks from the 2008 Investor's Guide and whether we think they're still keepers for 2009.

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Last updated December 22 2008: 10:11 AM ET
Note: Starting date for all total return data is 12/3/07, except Genentech, which is 12/5/07.
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