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Lamest road trip ever
Lamest road trip ever
Chrysler's Robert Nardelli looked good driving the company's Aspen Hybrid. As it will soon be discontinued, few others will have the chance.
Let's see...corporate jets are a no-no...the subway doesn't go that far...A bike ride might just kill us...I know! Let's drive the 10 hours from Detroit to D.C. - in one of our cool hybrid cars!

Given a second chance after the private-jet fiasco to plead their case before Congress, the Detroit 3 take to the road (separately, of course) in a company fuel-sipper.

In the case of Chrysler's Robert Nardelli, the exercise in overkill is particularly awkward: The Chrysler Aspen Hybrid he drove will soon be discontinued. -- By Peter Valdes-Dapena, CNNMoney.com senior writer

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Last updated December 31 2008: 10:36 AM ET
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