CEO all-star bench

It's likely at least a few high-profile CEO spots will open up in 2009. But with many former top guns already subbing in - Herb Allison at Fannie Mae and Ed Liddy at AIG - who's left? We asked top recruiters for a list of CEOs who could be called into the game.

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Robert Lane
Robert Lane
Age: 59
Job now: CEO Deere & Co.

Since 2000, Lane has led farm-equipment maker Deere through many of the same hurdles facing General Motors: workers represented by the United Auto Workers, a web of dealers and strong foreign competition. The difference: Deere grew stronger while GM floundered. Under Lane's watch, Deere's stock price has doubled and profits have grown fourfold.

Executive headhunters say Lane's management and manufacturing experience tee him up for an auto spot. "If GM called, you have to wonder," says one.
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