Meet the market's biggest losers

Fortunes have been made and lost since AOL was last a standalone company. Here are the 10 companies that have lost the most in market value over the past decade.

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Cisco Systems
Cisco Systems
Chambers at Davos last month.
Loss: $425 billion
Peak market cap: $557 billion (March 2000)
Recent market cap: $132 billion
Ticker: CSCO

Along with Microsoft and Intel, Cisco was one of the big winners of the dot-com boom of the late 1990s. But while the company has remained a top provider of Internet gear, its stock has never recovered from the collapse of the tech bubble. The decline hasn't kept CEO John Chambers (right) from cashing in: He netted $11 million last year via a prearranged stock sale plan.
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Last updated February 05 2010: 2:57 PM ET
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