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Product placement: Not paid

Perhaps the most memorable pitch of Mad Men to date was in the season one finale, when Draper gives a presentation to prospective client Kodak. The pitch uses their new slide projector, which he dubs 'The Carousel,' and it moves a colleague to tears and earns him the Kodak account on the spot.

The real-life Kodak was also wowed by Draper's presentation. The company says it was not involved in Mad Men's choice to include Kodak in the episode. But it was so impressed by Draper's pitch that it went back and internally discussed 'Kodak Moments' and their significance, which in turn led to its new photo-sharing site, KodakMoments.com.

Since the episode, Kodak has provided Mad Men with advertisements in different media from the period and other photographs. While an important resource for the show, Kodak has not paid for any brand appearances.

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Last updated July 27 2010: 4:39 PM ET
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