Bucking the trend: 7 growing companies in slowing sectors

Fortune's list of the Fastest Growing Companies features outperformers, many of them in industries that have long been witness to rapid growth: tech, health care, and education, to name a few. Here's a look at a few of the standouts going against the grain -- companies that are beating the odds by expanding in slowing industries.

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Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
Rank: 2
3-year annual earnings growth: 96%
3-year annual revenue growth: 55%

Starbucks introduced consumers to individually-crafted espresso drinks, but Green Mountain brought more caffeinated options into the workplace. Though it's only a tenth the size of Starbucks ($1 billion vs. $10 billion in revenue), the company's patented individually-brewed Keurig system makes for a totally different cup of joe in more flavors than anyone could possibly want.

And as food and beverage industry revenues shrank last year by 3%, the Vermont-based specialty-coffee wholesaler boosted revenues by 55%, after acquiring rivals Timothy's and Tully's and increasing deliveries to hotels and offices.

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Last updated September 02 2010: 8:20 AM ET
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