Create a Hulu for big box retailers.
Josh James, CEO, Domo

Sometimes I'll be sitting at home watching TV late at night thinking, I need to buy something like shampoo. Instead of putting it on the grocery list in the kitchen, I could just click on the Amazon app, type in "shampoo," and one kind I like will come up. I click "Buy Now," and it's on its way. And because I have Amazon Prime, I know I'm going to get it in two days. For me, that's faster than putting it on the list in the kitchen. That convenience is going to dramatically change the way I think all of us are going to consume over time, and the Big Box retailers need to figure that out because Amazon will only get bigger and bigger.

I was talking to the guy from Home Depot who runs online for them, and he was saying that was a big issue. Really, how can they compete with Amazon? There needs to be what I'm calling the "Hulu of Big Box retail," where these retailers get together and there's one-click Prime-like shipping for all of them. Google could definitely do it, but someone needs to step up and compete with that Amazon's ease of use. Because frankly, we're not going to use that Home Depot app, Wal-Mart app, and 25 other apps for all the big box retailers out there.
Last updated August 19 2011: 3:06 PM ET