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Josh James CEO, Domo

My experience with Omniture helped me understand how much people try to find customers. So say Mercedes-Benz wants to target people in a room I'm in. They would spend money trying to find each one of us, and 90% of their money would be wasted on people who would look at ads and would not have the means or capacity to buy a particular car.

The technology exists to be able to target me specifically. But it just hasn't been stitched together, and someone with the means to stitch it together just hasn't done it yet. I would guess that would be Facebook. But if Facebook doesn't do it, there are dozens and dozens of upstarts that help personalize ads down to a personal level, though a lot of them have privacy issues. Facebook's been at the forefront of that, and I think Facebook can fix that. That's in my view the most inefficient component of any business, really: the marketing spent.
Last updated August 19 2011: 3:06 PM ET