One social network to rule them all.
Tony Zingale CEO, Jive Software

I do believe we're completely in the midst of social disruption. Facebook was completely built around the sense of people and the social graph that people create. And now we have Google , which is hellbent on competing because their whole franchise was built on the foundation of search for content. The two worlds collide. Ultimately, you want your people network to embrace search and content. And it will be the social platform that we live on that will determine where we shop, where we consume content, maybe the way we actually work.

Ultimately with Google and Facebook, I don't think we'll have two tabs we'll go back and forth between. I think we're going to pick one. One will prevail. It's not clear which one, but three years from now, I think we'll have that answer.
Last updated August 19 2011: 3:06 PM ET