... and eventually what you do.
Adam Bosworth Founder and CEO, Keas

Social gaming turns out to be the way we'll see most companies tackle the "what you do" part of the equation because it provides a constant reward mode and a constant feedback model, and it actually creates goals. With social gaming, you have a group of people who not only have a common affinity, they have a common challenge, and they're competitive. So they like to know that they're the best at something, whether their broker is doing a good job at selling stocks or employees trying to be healthier.

With social networks or social games, we're learning more about people. That means we can reach out to them in very targeted ways. How do you use coupons, for instance?

One of the most interesting companies I've seen that's going to reach out and help you reach out to these people in a very targeted way is MyLikes, a small startup funded with $5 million by Khosla. They have the potential to reach out and communicate to these groups that are not only working on who you know but what you know, and I expect them very soon to come after us and what we do.

Last updated August 19 2011: 3:06 PM ET