6 ideas that could change tech for good

We asked tech luminaries which new ideas excited them the most.

This year's Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, Colorado was packed with news: Spotify CEO Daniel Ek explained how the cloud is transforming music; Google CFO Patrick Pichette dubbed traditional billfolds downright "medieval" compared to coming mobile payments; and, of course, Harvard president Larry Summers pulled no punches in calling out the Winklevoss twins.

But in one of the most telling sessions, Fortune got a peek at the biggest ideas of the next few years. Adam Bosworth, CEO of health startup Keas; Josh James, CEO of the executive management-focused Domo; and Tony Zingale, CEO of social business software company Jive, all talked about the ideas that they think will matter most in the next three years. Here they are in their own words.
By JP Mangalindan - Last updated August 19 2011: 3:06 PM ET