7 innovative features that couldn't save WebOS

The fate of HP's WebOs software is grim now that all its hardware has been canceled. Here are the features that put the troubled OS ahead of rivals.

HP is considering a spin-off of its PC unit and killing its tablet and phone models in an aggressive bid to retool itself.

One the worst potential casualties is the innovative WebOS, the operating system HP inherited when it acquired Palm for $1.2 billion a year ago. Critics picking on Palm or HP hardware rarely found fault with the operating system itself. HP bosses reportedly told employees that the company was still standing behind WebOS, even after the bombshell announcements this week. But with no hardware to run on and a strategic shift away from portable devices, the future is cloudy for this once-promising platform. Here's a look at some of its breakthrough features.

JP Mangalindan - Last updated August 19 2011: 12:48 PM ET