Headquarters: Tulsa, OK, USA
2010 Revenue ($ millions): 4,398
Rank: 15

What makes it so great?

The manufacturer of products for the construction industry encourages its employees to volunteer -- and does so by example. Last year, the Canadian branch sponsored the building of a Habitat for Humanity home in Mississaugua, Ontario. The project cost about $6,000 and took 120 hours of labor.

On top of their good deeds, Hilti makes getting to the top a realistic goal. "Hilti `walks the talk' in terms of opportunity for internal advancement," says an employee. "The current CEO of Hilti North America started in a junior sales capacity." The company invests about $11.7 million and more than 32,000 working days per year in corporate culture workshops, furthering the possibility of an internal rising star to one day make it big.

Last updated October 28 2011: 4:50 PM ET