Headquarters: Cary, NC, USA
2010 Revenue ($ millions): 2,430
Rank: 2

What makes it so great?

SAS, a business analytics and business intelligence software company, doesn't outsource its North Carolina headquarters maintenance staff, preferring that its crews of gardeners, food service employees, and health care staff are SAS employees. Many SAS-ers also take pride in the company's Curriculum Pathways program. Free of charge for all educators in the U.S., the interactive program provides standards-based resources in English, science, mathematics, social studies, and Spanish for over 50,000 American teachers. With initiatives like this, the company stays true to its mission -- to enhance people's ability to use information and create knowledge -- and sets a great example for its staff. "It is, by far, the best place I have worked in more than 15 years of working within the industry," raves an employee.

Last updated October 28 2011: 4:50 PM ET