FedEx Express
FedEx Express
Headquarters: Memphis, TN, USA
2010 Revenue ($ millions): 24,600
Rank: 5

What makes it so great?

Next time a FedEx courier smiles as he/she hands you a package (if you live in the Middle East or Europe), be sure to go online and fill out a customer service form -- you could help that employee win the Courier of the Year competition. Couriers are rated by customers based on politeness, presentation, and helpfulness. In 2010, The company received 7,659 nominations -- and the winners' faces beam on posters in FedEx Express offices across the region.

The delivery service provider also has an online recruitment tool, Career Hub, which allows employees to track new job opportunities within the company and plan their careers.

Last updated October 28 2011: 4:50 PM ET