5. Susser Holdings
5. Susser Holdings
Fortune 500 rank: 486
2011 revenue: $4.9 billion
2011 total shareholder return: 63.3%
Ticker: SUSS

Higher fuel prices might have dampened profits for some major corporations, but those that sell gasoline certainly gained. Susser, the Texas-based operator of Stripes convenience stores, saw revenues soar as it sold more merchandise and higher gas prices stoked fuel revenue.

In fact, the company sold more gasoline despite the higher prices. For the fiscal year, net income rose to $47.5 million or $2.68 per share, compared with the previous year's $786,000 or $0.05 per share. In particular, Susser gained from its focus on Texas, which has fared better than other states in terms of unemployment and the housing market. The company has said it will continue gaining in Texas.

By Nin-Hai Tseng - Last updated May 07 2012: 10:52 AM ET