10 brilliant technology visionaries

From e-books to enterprise services, here are the most visionary leaders on this year's Fortune 500 list.

Mooly Eden
President, Intel Israel

Think the PC market is over-saturated? Eden wants you to think again. The success of Apple's MacBook Air line has proven consumers still clamor for notebooks -- they just want them thinner and lighter than before. Eden pushed for the PC equivalent, the ultrabook, and even went so far as to predict this new category could claim 40% of the worldwide laptop market this year. Now as President and general manager of Intel Israel, Eden is running the division largely responsible for innovation in processors. It was Intel Israel where both the Core 2 Duo chip and Sandy Bridge chips were developed and where the next-generation Ivy Bridge chips will largely be produced. Which is why it should come as no surprise that, until recently, the division accounted for nearly 40% of Intel notebook processor revenue.

By JP Mangalindan - Last updated May 14 2012: 6:12 PM ET